Official List of Participants:

Michael Bird (PhD, University of Queensland)
Lecturer in Theology and New Testament at Crossway College
Blogs at: Euangelion
Dave Brumley
Blogs at: This Pilgrim Land
John Byron (PhD, University of Durham)
Associate Professor of New Testament at Ashland Theological Seminary
Blogs at: The Biblical World
Tripp Fuller
Blogs at: Homebrewed Christianity
Timothy Gombis (PhD, University of St. Andrews)
Associate Professor of New Testament at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
Blogs at: Faith Improvised
Nancy Janisch
Blogs at: Conversation in Faith
Mark Goodacre (DPhil, University of Oxford)
Associate Professor in New Testament at Duke University
Blogs at: NT Blog
Matthew Montonini
Blogs at: New Testament Perspectives
Michael Gorman (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary)
Professor of Sacred Scripture and Dean of the Ecumenical Institute
of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary & University
Blogs at: Cross Talk – crux probat omnia
Jon Synder
Blogs at: Bookleenex
Nijay Gupta (PhD, University of Durham)
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Seattle Pacific University
Blogs at:
Amy Sondova
Blogs at: Backseat Writer
James McGrath (PhD, University of Durham)
Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language
& Literature at Butler University
Blogs at: Exploring Our Matrix
Jacob Sweeney
Blogs at: Jacob Sweeney’s Blog
Joshua Walker
Blogs at: Bring the Books

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