Monday, Oct. 3, 2011

John Byron, of The Biblical World, posted his review:

“Although I was already familiar with much of the material, I found it be a different and enjoyable way to interact with it. I would have thought it only appropriate for undergrads, but am now convinced that it will be valuable for my seminary students as well. I not only recommend it to you, the readers, but will adopt it next time I teach my class on the gospels.”

Michael Bird, of Euangelion, previewed the book here:

“The good thing about this book is that it’s both educational and entertaining, clearly written by a Gen-Xer, and tackles the genre of the Introduction in a refreshing way. I hope Fisk writes a sequel Hitchhikers Guide to Paul! I’m taking a group of students to Israel in 2012 and will very probably make this book the textbook for the course associated with the tour.”

Jacob Sweeney, of Jacob Sweeney’s Blog, posted here:

“The cumulative pedagogical value of all of this is quite high. It presents information as people usually encounter it. Also the pictures only serve to highlight what is being learned, thus making it more “real”. It is also more true to life in that by presenting the information as one person’s journal it forces us to think of this study as a personal journey of faith.”

James McGrath, of Exploring Our Matrix, posted a review:

“I am planning to blog through more of the details of the book over the course of the next several days. A single blog post won’t do justice to it.”


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